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About me

I have been consciously creating a better life for myself since I was a little girl. I remember pinning a piece of paper on my bedside wall with “Wakey wakey! Rise and Shine! It’s a new day and lots to be excited about! Get up sleepy head!”  written on it with a photo of Sandy from the movie Grease to motivate me. I was only 7.

I always believed a life of love, colour and vibrancy was my birth right, even when surrounded by chaos and shadows.

My parents’ divorce at 5 impacted me on so many levels and my mum’s deep wounds from her childhood haunted both her and me. I watched her live life with reckless abandon, a great mum on so many levels but her sadness overshadowed her for many years.

I was adamant that I would not live in such sadness and that I would break through the drama and darkness and create a life of colour and celebration.

In my teens I turned to spirituality and science and began my search to understand how others achieve happiness and success in their lives. I made it my obsession to keep learning and I made this and my education my life line.


 After years of battling with bulimia and using drugs and alcohol to escape the fact I was so damn lost, I began to find my way. The hours and hours of reading and meditating and seeking and searching began to pave a way.

When I reached my late twenties I had achieved so much academically and worked and travelled the world, and with every step I learnt a bit more about how to become the person I was meant to be, behind the confusion and chaos.

I studied the Law of Attraction, Positive Psychology, Life Coaching, Spirituality and anything I could find that would help me to grow. I wanted to heal so bad so that I could help others to do the same.

I knew I had the power within me to create a beautiful life, and nothing was going to stop me. Not the loss of loved ones, housefires, abusive relationships, anxiety, bankruptcy or drug addiction. All of it just made me more determined to make it happen.

And so I worked on myself and my life to create the life I now have. Two kindred spirited children, a beautiful house, a job I adore and a business that lights me up every day.

My mum is now healed and is my best friend in the world, and it is through her darkness that my light has been able to shine.  I have helped hundreds of women over the last 5 years to transform their lives, to work through life’s challenges and to turn their darkness into light, and I would love to help you too.

With Love, Caya xXx

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