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As conscious human beings, one of the biggest tasks we face is to learn how to work the magic of the universe to make things happen and bring our dreams into our reality. Especially in the world as it is today.

As many of us are beginners in the field, with thousands of years of conditioning, persuading us that we are dealt the hand we are given” and that fate will determine our destiny, the notion that we are in control of our lives and the experiences that we have puts us in an exciting but challenging position.

On one hand, we understand that our thoughts and feelings create our reality and we excitedly go about dreaming up our life’s plans, but on the other hand, we have a huge amount of old school mental baggage to contend with and embedded subconscious thoughts that oppose the concept, making it a potentially incredibly frustrating and at times a seemingly impossible task.

To harmonise your thoughts with your feelings, with your actions with your words, with your subconscious to the very vision that you are setting out to achieve and holding onto that vision with quiet expectation of its manifestation, without attachment to the outcome– phew it’s a tricky, very subtle, yet very complex skill to develop. But one I believe can be made easier by following a few simple steps.

And as many of those that have achieved great things before us, the happy, successful, healthy and blissful people that shine the way for us have shown, it really is possible and I have dedicated my life to working out a way to make it all a much more fun and easy process- because in my opinion, it really wasn’t meant to be a struggle and it is our most natural state of being, we have simply forgotten.

The skill of Goal Setting and the central role of goal setting in the coaching practice is really just a wonderful tool to use when manifesting and creating your life to be full of joy and abundance. It provides structure and the ability to track progress and skilfully move through space and time with a clear vision of where you are headed.

When you master the art of setting goals and use the universal laws of metaphysics to create and manifest wonderful energies into your life, your life truly becomes a series of miracles, full of wonder, awe and magic.

This state of living is our birthright and we just need to re-learn and re-member the skills of manifesting once again to really take control of our lives and goal setting is a valuable tool in this process.

So here is a little step by step, 5 point process that I, personally as a veteran of various negative thought processes and behaviours and professionally as a Transformational Life Coach have put together for you. To make setting your 2021 goals and intentions a little bit more like fun and helping you to make sure they actually materialise and become part of your world…

Step 1. Get crystal clear on what you want.

In life. In the next year. In everyday moment to moment. Ask yourself:

What is the most important thing in life for me? What do I value the most? If I had all the money in the world what would I spend most of my time doing? If I only had 6 months left, with all the money and energy in the world, what would I spend my time doing?

Become absolutely clear on what you really value in life.

If you have dreams and are pursuing goals in your life that are not congruent with your true values, you will never achieve them and if you do, you will never be truly happy.

Get out of your head and be directed by your heart. Forget what other people want you to do. Forget what you think you SHOULD do and really connect with your Higher Self and see what your Soul wants you to do. That’s where your true happiness and fulfilment can be found. To explore this in full depth, consider joining my Soul Support Programme where this is and more is achieved.


Step 2. Work with the Law of Attraction

To move yourself towards your vision and pull your vision towards yourself.

How do you do this?

By tuning into the feeling of having achieved your goals. Whatever it may be, to lose weight, find peace of mind, be more abundant, find the love of your life… Take some time to meditate and bathe yourself in the feelings it will give you once you have achieved your desires.

Be careful not to find and focus on the feeling of NOT having what you are wishing for, as this will only manifest more of the feeling of lack and want. You want to imagine with all of your being that you already have that which you wish for and really explore how it makes you FEEL.

How will having financial freedom, more vitality, love, success, meaningful relationships, a beautiful body, peace of mind make you feel? Excited? Full of zest for life? Confident?

What will it mean you have more of? Fun, Time, Laughter, Affection, Love?

How do you feel when you take yourself to the time when you have achieved your goals?

This is the elixir of manifesting. The energy and vibration you put out is what you will attract.

By filling your energy field with the feelings that you will get from having your dreams you are attracting the same energies from the universe. By the law of metaphysics if you hold onto that feeling in everyday life, you will experience more and more things to give you that feeling.

I just love Abraham Hicks and one of the most poignant teachings I have ever absorbed was to simply “Feel good, and see what happens; feel good, and see what happens; feel good, and see what happens; feel good, and see what happens…” Continue feeling good about life and see what happens- it is truly incredible what happens when you follow this simple rule.

3. Make peace with your goals and dreams

Learn to replace stress, panic, overwhelm, desperation and impatience with a calm knowing that your dreams are already waiting for you and you are moving gracefully through time and space to meet them.

As Deepak Chopra states in his book The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, spending time in nature, connecting to the silence and feeling the field of pure potential is where your manifesting powers are most potent. Connect to this beautiful place and sew your seeds of intention. Trust the universe that your dreams are coming your way and act each day with gratitude for what you already have and the journey that you are on.

When you hold your vision in your heart and open your Self to be ready and prepared to receive what you desire, you are allowing the universe to pour itself into your life. Do not frantically search for the answers, just know that they are there in the vortex and that they are on their way to you.

Love the process and your life will unfold with Love.


4. Check in with your goals each day. 

Re-mind yourself of what you are aiming for each day and ensure that each step you take is inspired and congruent with your overall goals and dreams.

Review your goals each month. Celebrate your successes over the previous month and give yourself credit for the progress you are making.

The New Moon is a fantastic time to do this, as with each New Moon, you have a clean slate to which you can set new intentions. To find out more about how the New Moon empowers your intentions and gives energy and momentum to the blooming of ideas with the coming full moon sign up to my New Moon online Groups here.

In these intimate and magical 2 hour zoom sessions, we meditate together and work through a powerful series of exercises that encompasses coaching and ritual to harness the energies of the moon. We reflect on the month gone by and sew seeds of intention for the month ahead.

It is an incredibly encouraging and supportive space with only 6 attendees to enable each member to be heard and their voice to be shared. Or alternatively you can book in 1:1 sessions with me on or around each new moon to work the magic of the moon together to manifest your dreams and keep focussed on your goals every month.

Your Guide For Optimum Living

5. Be organised and have structure to stay on track and stay motivated

It is said that it is only 20% of the activities that we carry out that 80% of the work is done. Find or create structures and processes that work for you that will allow you to find flow and simplicity in manifesting your dreams.

When you are clear and confident in what you are doing and your heart knows that it is right, it will not be a struggle, it will be easy, fun and magical!

As promised, I have a special gift I would like to share with you, which will help you achieve your goals for 2021. Living Your Optimum Life is just £7 and it encapsulates my whole coaching process and models of working the magic of the universe. It will guide you lovingly through the whole process making it fun and exciting.

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