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I loved the Soul Support Programme. With the guided meditations and beautiful music each day, the different modules each week, the support and inspiration from others in the Facebook group, and seeing how others were doing in the weekly coaching calls. I also learned a lot from each module and loved the fact that it was guided but also self paced – no pressure, just something to enjoy doing. It was lovely to be part of a team of positive and inspiring women. All of us working on learning about ourselves, loving ourselves more, and creating a life that lights us up. Being in a group with Caya was wonderful too – she radiates positivity, love and encouragement that always makes you feel good! I cannot recommend Soul Support and Caya highly enough.

Hayley, West Sussex, UK

I loved my time with Caya and the Soul Support group. Caya’s beautiful daily meditations are a great start to the day. The time spent being self reflective, with Caya’s support and workbooks, made it easy to think through current and past situations and implement changes that I wanted to make.

If you want to identify what’s holding you back and make transformational changes I highly recommend working with Caya.

Rachael Dunn

Braunton, UK

Caya has an extraordinary clarity in her thoughts and strong intuition to know how to help people to be their very best selves. She inspires and illuminates by her own lightness of being and has great depth in her understanding of the way the universe works! Frighteningly well organised, she puts her retreats and workshops together so professionally; thinking all the details through brilliantly so the participants gain the maximum holistic input from their experience. Bless you Caya, Namaste…

Nixie James-Scott

Torrington, UK

I loved the Soul Support Course. I felt totally supported by Caya and the other group members and loved the self-discovery journey. It brought up a lot of issues that I had thought I had got over, that I discovered needed more work. I also enjoyed being part of a group of like-minded people that were accepting and non-judgmental. I discovered what I need to do to move forward in life and how to accept and be grateful for what I’ve got.

Caroline McCormick, UK

I loved being part of the Soul Support Group. The course was very well planned and well delivered with Caya always on hand to offer advice and guidance. I really valued the support from the other participants and found the coach calls every week very supportive. The workbooks were thought-provoking and informative, encouraging me to think more widely about what I want from life and how to go about achieving this.

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Devon, UK

I had coaching with Caya for just over two years. Including one to one coaching, small group coaching, her soul support programme and I have attended all of her retreats. I can’t recommend her highly enough!

I am in such a different place to where I was when I first found Caya. She is inspirational and a joy to spend time with. Looking forward to lots more. Bless you Caya.”

Susie Revell

Bideford, UK

I am finding the Soul Support system precious and valuable. I have realised how sad and stressful life experiences have conditioned my thoughts and am able to work through the healing process in a safe, supportive and caring environment. It’s the best thing I’ve done for myself, and is a definite enhancement in my life.

Emma Doble, North Devon, UK

Caya was my coach for a year and a half and as a small business owner, she has been an invaluable part of my little team.  She has been there through the hard times, always lifting me up and helping me to see my strengths. She has joined in my excitement during the good times and she has helped me to get to the stage in which I have been able to give up my regular job to concentrate on my own work.

Joanna Broughton

Derbyshire, UK

Caya is an inspirational person and her positive attitude is infectious. 

Caya made me realise I had the answers already, but with her techniques and support I was able to realise the path to success.

I would recommend Caya to anyone wanting to find their true path, motivation and positivity.

Louise Wilde

Sussex, UK

Caya really did sooth my soul. I completed the 12 step program with Caya to implement changes in my life. Caya’s support transformed how I viewed my dreams and seeing their reality became effortless (a shift in my perception changed, and the shift felt uplifting and truly magical). I began to see real possibilities and outcomes whilst ignoring my self-doubt.

I admire Caya’s ability to deliver real actionable steps whilst simultaneously offering positive and uplifting support. I felt I had support throughout the whole process, a guardian angel who made the process so fun! Caya is authentic and has a vivacious appetite to really help you put your dreams and personal goals into a reality, I feel lucky to have come across her beautiful and compassionate energy. If you are wanting to make change in an uplifting way, I cannot recommend Caya enough.

Hannah Mimi, London, UK

I was drawn to life coaching after reading various self-help books, which centred so much around working towards and achieving your vision – and I felt like a didn’t have one. I had seen Caya’s work online and I was really drawn to her energy and passion for her work. Although I’m not local to her, video calls were a really effective way to hold sessions and I loved starting off by opting to have some meditation time to ground me. Caya helped me realise that I do have visions – they may not be big headline ‘set up a business’ type visions, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t ones to work towards. On areas where I was a bit stuck, Caya’s online module helped to unlock some ideas. She really just wants people to live their best lives and that’s where her fabulous energy comes from

Hannah, Surrey, UK

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