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If you are anything like me at the moment, then your head will be spinning with a million thoughts and things to do from one moment to the next. 🤯

With no strict structure or routine I’m left bobbing in the ocean of indecisiveness, with 100 things I could do, leading to complete brain malfunction, and essentially an hour lost in the comforting land of Netflix. (Not to mention the cups of tea and snacks consumed in the process).📺


So, this morning I pledged to myself that I would not let the panic of overwhelm override my awesomeness today and in the week ahead, and made a note of how I plan to manage myself and my indecisive nature. 📖 (Something I do quite naturally in the normal world, but at this moment in time I needed reminding of).

And this is what I wrote:

✅ Write down what you’d like to achieve today and realistically set aside enough time to do it, including breaks and self-care time.

✅ Choose what to do first and fully commit to doing it. Don’t overthink it, just choose a starting point.

✅ Focus on that one thing and that one thing only until it’s done or you feel satisfied with your progress.

✅ Keep your mind on the task at hand and if a thought about something else pops in your head just take a breath, come back to the now and what you are doing in this moment. Reassure yourself that “the other things” time will come, but for now I’m focusing on this.

✅ Then tick it off your list and allow yourself to feel accomplished. 😁🏆

👉 Then choose the next best thing to do and repeat the process. Simple, obvious, but oh so alien to a highly creative and overactive mind with no real time frames to conform to. 🤪

What I’ve learnt over time (the long, hard and painful way) is that multi-tasking and the need to be as quick and efficient as possible by doing a million things at once is an energy-sucking habit and one that eventually leads to burn out and a sense of depletion and dissatisfaction. 😥

But by committing your thoughts and body to one task at a time, within an ample time frame; you become free, focused and are able to complete the task to your fullest ability. 😃✨

By simply bringing your thoughts and focus back to the one thing you are doing, (when your mind wonders elsewhere) you can fully enjoy what you are doing and you connect with the abundant magic of now.✨

You are present in the moment. You are calm, focused and mindful. You can really take pleasure and pride in the task at hand. Even if it’s just having a shower, enjoy the water; or cleaning, take satisfaction as it begins to look fresher; or homeschooling, turn your phone off and give all of your attention to the kids, even just for 20-minute spouts.

So to recap:

🌟 When faced with a full day ahead and a million different tasks or even things you COULD do with your time, just choose somewhere to start and start there.

🌟 Break it all down, give yourself more than enough time for each task and make sure self-care, rest and fun activities are just as important as work, home-schooling and chores.

🌟 And take your time, keep your thoughts focused on now and allow yourself to enjoy the moment.

And remember you don’t have to do it all! Your health, happiness and well-being are THE most important outcome from any task so put YOU first. A happy mummy/partner/housemate = a happy house ❤️

So today’s Affirmation is: “I am calm, present and focused on the task at hand”

Go smash it! And let us know how you get on in the comments below.

Much love to you, Caya xx

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Stay calm

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