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In a session with my Life Coach recently I was asked to define what being “successful” would mean to me.

My immediate answers were:

1. Financial freedom

2. to have a purpose and

3. to be the best version of myself possible

After spending just sixty seconds listing what “financial freedom” would bring to my life, followed by a deeply passionate five minutes detailing exactly what having a purpose and being my best self felt like to me, it was clear that the latter were far more important to me than financial freedom.

“Vibrant”, “alive”, “energised”, “to be of service”, “creative” and “inflow” were a few of my most used words and terms used when describing the aliveness that having a purpose and being my best self symbolised for me.

This simple exercise left me with a deep sense of connection to what really lights up my soul. Through this one powerful session, I made the profound realisation that success is indeed closer than I first thought.

In identifying the core values behind my own definition of success, I have realised that purpose and being my best self are the structure and foundation of everything I do, in life, family and in business. 

And in knowing the deepest values at the core of our dreams and desires, empowers us to make them come true. They become our guiding stars and give us clarity and focus in our every day choices and descions.



Ask yourself: What does success really mean to you?

Success is an incredibly ambiguous word as its meaning is completely unique for each and every one of us.


For some, it may be financial gain and the freedom to experience and create that which you so desire. For others, it may be to be surrounded by a community of soulful loved ones who share the simple joy of living in everyday moments.

In an exercise of self-awareness, I spent some time recognising and recording moments that reflected and vibrated with the energy of success that I had connected to in my session with my coach.

To my surprise, these are a few of the things that I wrote that “success” meant to me…

  •  staying calm when I feel like screaming
  • eating healthy, vibrant meals when all I want is icecream
  • drinking enough water to stay hydrated
  • getting a hug of appreciation from my son
  • a smiling client after a call
  • managing my anxiety effectively
  • not sweating the small stuff
  • feeling the fear and doing it anyway
  • Success is picking my self up every time I fall…

And in exploring all of these feelings of success (and the many more I had fun scribbling out daily), I truly realise how successful I actually am!

Instead of focussing on the areas that I still feel I have not “succeeded in” or the perceived shortfalls in my personality or house, or my business, I switched to focus on how I already have success in my life.

And guess what?

I instantly felt like a massive sparkling success!

I succeed every day in so many ways, and every time I recognise it and record it, I feel lighter, brighter and stronger.

So here I share with you, 5 Simple Steps for accessing the vibration of success, so you too can feel sparkling and successful now:

peaceful lady in nature

Step 1. As above: Ask yourself: What does success really mean to you?

Get crystal clear on the core values that lie behind the term and energy of “success”.

Take a pen and piece of paper or journal, put the word “Success” at the top, set the timer for 5, 10 or15 minutes and free-write whatever comes to your mind and heart.

Don’t filter what you write, don’t edit, don’t overthink, just write.

Then once the timer is up, read through what you wrote and look at the key themes, patterns and repeated words that pop up.

You may have written the word “freedom” or “respect” or “holidays abroad” more than once. You may have gone into detail about how you could afford to travel or pay for your kids education or how you would be able to improve your health.

Notice what you notice and really delve into what it would mean to you to be successful. This is the energy and vibration that you focus on and that will ultimately lead you to your success… 

Step 2. Tap into the vibration of success

By recognising, recording and celebrating every sign of success in your life

In order to work the laws of the universe and attract success into your life, you must feel as if you already have that which you are seeking. The easiest way to do this is to recognise it in your life already and feel deep gratitude and appreciation for it. When you recognise, record and celebrate all the tiny moments of success and each and every win you have, you will communicate to the universe that is what you want more of and as a result, more success will be sent your way.

Keep a Journal of Awesome to record, remember and celebrate your successes. Not only will this act as a fantastic way for you to keep the focus on your successes, but it will also help strengthen your positive self-assuring neural pathways in your brain and build your self-confidence and your belief in your abilities. When your brain is provided with evidence of your abilities it solidifies the positive aspects of your subconscious self-identity, resulting in greater confidence and self-belief.

As Napoleon Hill said, “Whatever the mind can perceive and believe, the mind can achieve”.

woman achieving goal


Step 3. Do more of what makes you feel successful

Look at your answers to the first question on what success means to you. Highlight or underline all the things that you can do now. Even if only on a small scale. Choose to feel how you feel when you’re successful in as many moments as possible. Do what you would do when you are successful as much as possible.

Look at ways that you can have those things and experience those things that you could have when you are successful now.

Could you do a skill swap with someone that offers that service you want?

Who do you know that could help you have those things now?

What resources do you have that you could tap into?

How can you use what you have now to create that life of success that you have written down?

Step into your vision of success now, as much as you possibly can. Believe you are there, act as if you already have it and before you know it you will!

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Step 4. Surround yourself with others that exude, vibrate and reflect your vision of success.

Who would you see yourself being around when you have success?

What kind of people are they? Do you have lots of people like that in your life now or do you need to get out and connect with more? Where would they hang out? What kind of events would they attend? Plan to get to those places and be amongst people that light you up and inspire you.

Get dates in your diary to be around those people. Make it a priority and bask in the light and aliveness that they make you feel.

My upcoming Soul Support Program Launch is aimed at just this. Bringing beautiful like-minded people together in the name of self-love, creativity and celebration. There are limited spaces so find out more here and get in touch. 

A helping hand


5. Get a coach to develop and maintain your vibration, attitude, vision and motivation for success

Behind every successful person are a team of encouraging and supportive people. I have a Life Coach, a Business Coach and a Health Coach.

My team of coaches are no doubt the reason I am able to feel, develop and grow into my success. They guide me, encourage me and motivate me when I am full of self-doubt.

I genuinely cannot recommend the support and guidance of a trained coach enough.  It is a life tool that so many people are missing out on. Whether it is because of the lack of understanding about the power of coaching or the resistance of people to invest in their own development, I believe every person with a desire to better themselves or their lives needs a coach.

I have worked with many women and seen incredible shifts occur, even in just one conversation. My wish is to reach as many people as I can with this deeply intuitive and powerful tool and to help them feel the connection to their inner source of love, success and inspiration.

If you fancy trying it out, I have a beautiful new program running that will help you to uncover your sparkling success. You can book in a free no obligation 30 minute clarity call to see what success means to you and how you can embrace it more in your everyday life.

Alternatively, you can join my facebook group or attend my monthly new moon groups for support, growth, connection and high vibe conversation (plus compulsory giggles, tea and cake!).

So there it is, my five simple steps to instantly tap into your success. Within you is the key to your success. Your essence, the spark of creation within you already holds the very thing that makes you feel alive, abundant and in tune with your souls desires. All you have to do is tap into it, feel it, believe it is on it’s way and watch as your life unfolds.

Choose to look through the filter of love and success and be the success you wish to be, now.

Go get your sparkly success on beautiful! If you need any help building your faith, trust or conjuring up your pixie dust , please get in touch. Helping ladies like you is what makes my soul sparkle.

With love, service and gratitude,

Caya xXx


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